sorting through car accessories

sorting through car accessories

Starting A Courier Business? Why You Should Use Fleet Tracking Devices

by Tracy Kennedy

Starting a courier or delivery business is a move that could turn out to be very lucrative. Nearly everything is switching over to a digital format, and as people remain in the comfort of their own homes and order everything online, there's bound to be an increasing demand for couriers who can get the products to customers in a timely fashion. 

If you've purchased a few cars and are ready to get them out on the road, you might want to consider the merits of installing fleet tracking devices in each vehicle. The following information will help you see why doing so is such a smart move.

Fleet Trackers Don't Rely On The Frailty Of Hotspots Or Towers

When your team is out making deliveries, it's important for you to be in constant contact with their position. It isn't practical to remain on the phone with each driver every time they make a run. The fleet tracker allows you to instantly know where each courier is located just by looking at a screen. Even if they happen to be in a rural area that isn't very densely populated you won't have to depend on the absence or frailty of a hotspot or towers to know exactly where everyone is.

Some parts of the country just don't have the infrastructure to support the signal that traditional tracking devices use. Fleet trackers are powered by satellites that are situated high up into the heavens. A simple glance at your laptop or mobile device and you can instantly track a vehicle.

Fleet Tracking Could Help Reduce Fuel Costs

Another great feature of the tracking devices involves your fuel costs. When drivers have idle time on the road, it could prove very costly to your bottom line. Because you aren't out there in the same vehicle as them, it's hard to be able to tell that the fuel costs are going up because there are so many idle moments taking place. 

When you have fleet trackers, you can print a report each week which will detail how much idle time each car had for that period. It's the perfect way for you to keep expenses under control so that you aren't wasting precious profits. Putting the fleet tracking devices in your cars gives you a lot of control. Get these devices installed in your vehicles before you send anyone out and you'll see why they are a definite must-have.

For more information, contact your local telematics fleet tracking service. 


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