sorting through car accessories

sorting through car accessories

4 Benefits Of Tinted Windows

by Tracy Kennedy

What most people don't realize is that tinted windows have a wide range of functional features that go far beyond the aesthetic promise of making your car look awesome. The reasons range from everything from protecting your vehicle to cooling it down during those hot summer months. If you are looking into different types of auto glass coating, look into window tinting for your car. Here are a few great reasons to tint your windows that go above and beyond improving the appearance of your car.

Reduce Heat

One of the main problems that car drivers suffer before even turning the ignition is that, if their car sits for too long, the seats and interior of their car will be hot and uncomfortable. Leather and faux leather seats may even burn your skin if left in the hot sun for too long.

The sun's UV rays are quite powerful and a greenhouse effect might even take place in which your car's windows will trap heat inside, making for an uncomfortable ride for some time before your car cools down.  The darkness of the tinted windows will absorb or reflect some of the sun's UV rays, and as such, some heat, before entering the interior of your vehicle.


Tinted windows were not designed for security, but the fact of the matter is, they do add an extra layer of protection to your vehicle. First and foremost, thieves are not able to see into your car very well when your windows are tinted, which makes it harder for them to decide whether not they should waste their time leafing through things in your car to steal.

Secondly, tinted windows increase the strength of your windows, ensuring that would-be thieves have a difficult time gaining entry into your vehicle. If the thieves do manage to break the glass of your tinted windows, the glass will stick to the film of the tint, adding a second layer of security to the car.

Reducing Glare

Glare is not only an annoyance, but it is an issue that can be quite dangerous as well. Especially for those drivers who are used to driving during the hours around the time of either dusk or dawn, glare can be a serious issue that can cause pain to your eyes and will limit your visibility of the road, making for driving conditions that are less than ideal.

However, tinted windows, especially your side view windows, will make for conditions that will curb the amount of glare that you experience. Tinted windows can make sure you're not distracted by glare and you can keep your eyes properly on the road.


Tinted windows will give you an added level of privacy to being in your car, which is beneficial for a number of different reasons. Perhaps you have valuables that you often times keep in your car out of dint of habit or forgetfulness or perhaps you simply do not like the idea of being watched while driving on the road. For either of these reasons, or any reason related to your privacy at all, installing tinted windows for your car can be a good way to add a stronger sense of privacy to your driving experience.


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sorting through car accessories

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