sorting through car accessories

sorting through car accessories

3 Common Examples Of Cheap And Easy Repairs When Your Gasoline Engine Is Misfiring

by Tracy Kennedy

If you are like many people, the thought of engine repair sends a cold shiver up your spine, given its importance and how expensive major work can be. Fortunately, engine repair does not have to be the big, financially daunting task that it seems. Engine misfires often relate to issues with the spark plugs, the fuel being used or a vacuum leak.

#1-Could It Be The Spark Plug Or The Spark Plug Wires?

Spark plug wires carry the electrical current to the engine, and when they are damaged, dirty or malfunctioning for any reason, that current either will not get through or will only get through irregularly. As a result, the engine does not get what it needs to run efficiently, and the vehicle will repeatedly misfire. In this instance, it is not unusual to replace all of the spark plugs, depending on where the damage to the wire occurred. A good mechanic can often do the work in a brief period of time and get you back on the road without breaking the bank.

#2-Did You (Or Someone Else Use) Use The Wrong Fuel?

It only makes sense that since the fuel literally runs through the engine, using diesel instead of gasoline will cause the engine to not run as it should. It could be the accidental use of the wrong kind of fuel, which has happened to about 300,000 drivers annually in some areas. If you catch the problem before you re-start the car, you can usually have the system drained and the fuel system cleaned or replaced to address the problem. A tiny amount of diesel, accidentally combined with unleaded gas in the tank, may not present any major problems, but be sure to ask your mechanic for specific suggestions.

If you did not notice until the car began to misfire and the majority of the gas in the tank is diesel, you will probably not be able to start the car at all soon, since diesel fuel works and heats differently than unleaded. If you try to keep driving it, damage to the catalytic converters is very likely, so be sure to call an expert.

#3-What About A Vacuum Leak?

A vacuum leak can present in a number of ways. For instance, if your car hesitates or stalls while you are trying to speed up or if you notice that dreaded misfire, a vacuum leak could be the culprit. It occurs when the engine mixes fuel with air, as it should for starting the car, but a problem is forcing the vacuum to be slightly more or less than it should be. Then, the engine gets more air than it needs, the computer in the vehicle gets the wrong reading and you get to enjoy driving to work with increasingly common engine misfires.

If numerous leaks are suspected or if it is a tiny one that is not easy to find, your mechanic may suggest replacing all of the vacuum tubing. The good news is that it is a fairly easy fix, although not the cheapest, and is a much easier problem to address than the total engine failure that everyone fears.

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sorting through car accessories

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